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Lates Gallery: Egui & Ikr. Imprint - Sructure of Suffering

Art groups Egui & Ikr. Imprint were both part of Foodhall’s first cultural offering - the 'Super Lasagne Disco' back in 2015. Since then, Ikr. Imprint has gone on to hold an NTS Radio residency and Egui have hosted international artists in Sheffield, all with an endearingly off-kilter approach.

After a period of absence, we bring their reanimated and rearranged bodies back for a post-Halloween week of sound, video and special FX, as part of our 'Social Sculpture' series. The week will highlight artists delivering visceral experiments in an array of mediums: a clay sculptor, video & sound artists, a free-improvisation drone band, and more.

DROID - 'Neglectful Thoughts', a selection of audiovisual work
DONNA PETERSON - A new clay pottery work regarding hedgehogs
The Holons - Free improv drone band
SHŌ MURAYAMA - Sound collage installation
Tatsuru Arai - 'QUANTUM-TOM' - an audiovisual performance and installation from the artist's 'Hyper Serial Music' series