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Lates Gallery: Egui & Ikr. Imprint - SOS Ritual

The second day of Egui & Ikr. Imprint: Structure of Suffering.

The Holons perform 'Sunday Service Hearsay', a 12 hour free-improvisation / drone ritual. Described as ‘ to build meaningful sonic relationships in a supportive deep dive - a tortured active meditation’. From 11am, but entering ‘gig-mode’ 8-11pm.

The Holons:

Matt Butt - a dancer and artist searching for improvisation, he is a believer in no thought before action. Leap before you look.

Andrew Dixon - was recently rediscovered under a stone in the forests of central Poland. Playing a single instrument with a single string, he sometimes performs solo and in the duo (or trio) Mutant Goat with white voice singer Ola Kozioł. Concerts have occurred in stone circles, synagogues, prehistoric mounds, caves and forests, as well as conventional venues. Previously, he has played in the Sheffield improv scene, after and alongside playing multiple instruments and vocals in the Cornish near-mythical Rolling Head. He is not a specialist of any kind and is not interested in anything.

Scott Hawkins - is a performance artist, designer and multi-instrumentalist, instrument builder. A professor-of-sound, his interest is paramusic, sound and spatial perception. Scott's musical journey began in 1984 with a thesis on sound synthesis and electronic music, a practice-based approach, that lead to the development of an array of 'dirty sounding' electronic and electroacoustic instruments for live performance.

John Jasnoch - is a multi plucked string instrument specialist and retired Country & Western musician. He has performed solo and in many regular and ad hoc ensembles since becoming involved with improvised music in 1979. John played Derek Bailey’s Company Week in 1988 and toured in the 2000s with free jazz luminaries Sonny Simmons and Linda Sharrock. He's currently working in a duo utilising guitars, tape recorders, radios and electronics with Supreme Vagabond Craftsman + duo concerts and larger groups with keyboard/woodwind player Adam Woolf.