Community for everyone, by everyone.


Foodhall is a multi-award-winning open public dining room and kitchen at the heart of Sheffield city centre. Managed by the community, for the community, we tackle social isolation and encourage integration across a diverse range of groups.

We are a place for everyone to share food, drink, company, skills and time – all on a contribute-what-you-can basis. There’s no hard line between our volunteers and visitors, we believe everyone is equal.

At Foodhall the kitchen and cafe form the core of our activities, with many ‘branch’ projects happening alongside. Each distinct branch is developed in line with the needs of the Foodhall community, and driven by the passion of our volunteers, who take responsibility for developing something that inspires them and something which others can share in and benefit from. These activities are key to building skills, confidence and wellbeing.

To supply the kitchen and cafe Foodhall intercepts food waste streams from local traders, and uses this surplus to serve hot meals a minimum of three times a week. 

Foodhall is also a space for culture, music, arts and community events; hosting talks and academic presentations and festivals; and catering private parties and events. Profits from these events go toward funding Foodhall’s core and branch activities.