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NFS: Closing Event - Forming the NFS




Heeley City Farm

New Roots



followed by a Club Mexicana communal meal.


Starting something national requires a multitude of local structures to co-operate and collaborate. We want you to imagine what the local incarnation of the National Food Service would look like here in Sheffield and what are the steps required for it’s growth? We will hear from local groups and individuals who work regionally to share their thoughts, experiences and expertise on social, urban and anarchistic food practices:

Themes to be discussed include:

What should our communication systems look like?

What does co-operation look like?

How are decisions made?

How do we design better financial, funding and incentive systems?

The evening of talks will conclude with a communal evening meal, where we want to hear from the community, and open up the discussion from the public.

At dinner, each table will participate in a planning exercise called a compact systems analysis, curated by Dr Blake. Through our collective wisdom, we will try to formulate an action plan for the National Food Service. This will encourage us to take the first steps as individuals towards implementing the ideas that have been explored and discussed during the symposium.