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Lates: brok n' soul

Brok'n Soul

Wanting to capture and enjoy the current swell in talented musicians pumping out a range of musics that could fall under the broad church of 'neo-soul' atm we're throwing a lil party that will also support the great work that the Foodhall project is doing in our fair city. 

Serving acoustic to hip-hop, jazz to electronica, beats to halftime and lets face it probably some dnb we have a great mix of live vocalists and DJs from Sheffield's talented soundscape.. Expect a loosening of the soul genre as the night goes on.. and heart quickening, hair raising vibes a plenty throughout..


InaVibe (Live)
After seeing this duo smash up the streets busking on Fargate, they've always been first on our list for this event. Mixing R&B, hip-hop and pop with sweet vocals, beats, keys and guitar, you sure is in for a treat.

Devon Francis Music (Live)
After recently spending time in the studio laying down a great 5 track EP and performing at Peddler we had to get Devon in to show us his pipes. This acoustic soul set will be kicking off the night with heart and we're really looking forward to it.

Haaayz (DJ Set)

Genre rinsing Techno and DNB queen will be bringing something different as she digs out a whole host of beats from her neo-soul collection that have been dying to bust out the record box for a while now. And it's sure to make you move. Check out her livelier stuff below...

Tetraplex/Flibb (DJ Sets)

What can we say about this guy? Break Promotions founder and multi-genre DJ extraordinaire, this robochap pleases crowds up and down the country and across the Sheffield on the regs. Supporting the between and busting a special lil set of his own, you'll be taken from the familiar to the very limits of what the soul genre has to offer.

Nabean? (DJ Set)

Not your regular kinda bean...


Open to all

B.ring Y.our O.wn B.everages | FREE::£5 Suggested donation

Foodhall is Sheffield’s Open, public dining room and venue run by the community promoting cross societal engagement through food!

Keep it nice: If anyone starts to make your night uncomfortable or we can help in anyway please don't hesitate to let one of the DJs/door person know ASAP.