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Visions of Abolition Film Showing and Meal

Visions of Abolition is a film produced by Oakland based Critical Resistance who have been working for a world free of the Prison Industrial Complex for over 20 years. Join us at Foodhall where we'll be showing this documentary that breaks down what prison abolition could mean for how we live our lives. And we'll be sharing a delicious meal on a donation basis too, because this is Foodhall.

Featuring Angela Y. Davis and Ruth Wilson Gilmore among others, we'll be showing Part II of the film which looks at recent abolitionist
organising and unfolds a vision of abolition in practice.

Local abolitionists will be on hand for a discussion of what kind of organising we can be doing in Sheffield to challenge the Prison Industrial Complex here in the UK.

"Visions of Abolition transformed my understanding of punishment and the possibilities of action; the film was the first space in which I had even heard about abolitionism in the contemporary context, and I was struck by how powerfully it reframed the existing debates I had been exposed to as starkly limited by the white liberal imagination. Visions of Abolition drives home how a commitment to an abolitionist future—even if we’re not quite sure how to get there yet—is the true project of liberation, and one in which we can all collectively work to see ourselves within."

Dr. Susila Gurusami, Assistant Professor at the University of Toronto