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National Food Service Symposium: Opening Night

The National Food Service is a new idea. A public system emerging between the networks of social eating spaces across the country. This symposium is the first step in growing a campaign for individuals and groups who share the aim of creating a national food service in the UK. During the festival of the mind, we will develop the concept through a symposium of free talks, meals and events, inviting experts from divergent universities, people active in the food sharing movement across the country and citizens who are passionate about the topic to come and think about strategies. What can we employ not to defend public services, but to collectively construct an entirely new one? The National Food Service.

To launch the first National Food Service Symposium we will be joined ceremonially by Sheffield’s now famous Lord Mayor Magid Magid. We will then have discussions from three pivotal speakers who are key figures in the social eating movement today. 

Marsha Smith is working on regional social eating planning across the north of England, now a researcher in the University of Nottingham she will share her research and insights in this area.

Dan Woolley will be joining us from Feedback Global, a group with a focus on intergovernmental research and implementing campaigns to lower food waste. 

Adam Smith is the founder of the Real Junk Food Project and the Fuel for School project. He is active in the north of England and will share his insights on the direction of the movement today.

Bryce Evans, a historian from Liverpool hope University will give us insights from the historical context of the movement and will talk in particular about the National Kitchens.

After the talks and discussion, we will have a meal cooked by volunteers in the community which will showcase the concept in action and lead to discussion.

Because the foodhall is a public community project any citizen from Sheffield or beyond is invited to volunteer, help cook the meal and participate in the creation and running of the event. Your active involvement is what makes foodhall special.

This is one of a series of events so if you would like to contribute to the symposium in any other way please contact us through the Foodhall facebook page.

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National food Service Symposium: Robin Dunbar and Megan Blake.

As part of the first National Food Service Symposium which is part of this year's festival of the mind, we are delighted to be joined by Robin Dunbar, an Emeritus professor of evolutionary psychology at the University of Oxford who will contribute some research to inform the discussion towards a National Food Service.

Robin is most famous for discovering the Dunbar number, which is the cognitive limit the number of people whom one can maintain stable social relationships. His research is concerned with trying to understand the behavioural, cognitive and neuroendocrinological mechanisms that underpin social bonding in primates and humans. Understanding these mechanisms, and the functions that relationships serve, give us insights how humans have managed to create large-scale societies using a form of psychological that is evolutionarily adapted to very small-scale societies, and why these mechanisms are less than perfect in the modern world.

Building on his research he will join us to share his insights from his recent Breaking Bread report in which he revealed that regularly eating alone is the biggest single factor for unhappiness besides existing mental illness. The research ties in with the dialogue that Foodhall promotes that Free, public communal eating and cooking spaces need to be re-introduced in our cities to reduce public health concerns.

We will also be joined by Professor Megan Blake who will share the some of the research she has been undertaken on this topic and insights from the Food justice MA in the University.

This public talk and discussion is also an opportunity for you to contribute to the dialogue because after the talk we have a large open, public community meal cooked by the community of volunteers and we will be able to experience the idea in action and discuss the topic in detail over an informal community meal.

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Plates #21: Picnic Plates

As part of the Foodhall’s ‘Plates’ Initiative and with the support of good friends we’ll be taking over the kitchen and making use of both surplus food and the bounty of local forage. Expect artisan breads, elements of Sheffield finest foraged foliage and a taste of local summer treats directly into your napsack (99% vegan). It’s like any other fun picnic you’ve been on, but with less wasps and more insulating walls. 

.Hot Tea & cool squash!!
.Artisan bread & various dips
.Roast Veg
.Nettle crisps
.Sausage rolls (vegan for sure) 
.Assorted salads
.Lavender scones & homemade blackberry jam
.Rosemary & lemon shortbread


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Friday Lates: The Apples of Pain, Slash Fiction, Slouch + DJs

An evening of local entertainment featuring the hottest, boppest, whoppin' lineup of music that was available on this date. Couple djs afterwards for a bit of a boogie.

£5 otd, byob, all money goes back to Foodhall. 

The Apples of Pain
Lo-fi synth pop off a phone, featuring performance pieces such as "lying down on the floor" and "drinking a beer." FFO of Montreal, having naps, beer drinkers

Slash Fiction: Fuzzy emo queercore 5 piece from South Yorkshire. FFO: Remo Drive, Joyce Manor

Combining the spirit of punk with the brooding melody of post-rock, Slouch are a four piece guitar band from Sheffield. FFO: Pavement, Parquet Courts, Mogwai

DJing afterwards:

Two (or maybe three) of Sheffield's finest musicians ever team up behind the decks for the first time, playing a selection of the finest and most exuberant pop and disco bangers.

Part of the new band Family Love Muscle, coming to a disco near you soon (ft. current/former members of Ganglions, Moonlit Dog, Blood Sport)

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Plates #20: Sheff City Burgers

Entertainment from Optronica + DJ's (TBC).

@ Foodhall, 121 Eyre Street, Sheffield, S1 4QW.

£5 - £10 suggested entry on the door/ pay what you can basis (food included) with all proceeds supporting the incredible work of the Foodhall Project.

As part of Foodhall's 'Plates' initiative and with the support of good friends we'll be taking over the kitchen for one night only and making use of local surplus food waste to dish up tasty veggie burgers and sides for Sheffield locals, with entertainment from our good friends at 'Optronica' + more (tbc).

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Chopfest UK 2018

The legendary annual music festival returns to our hallowed hall.

- Kagoule
- Sister Wives
- Death Rays of Ardilla
- Mr. Smith of Mayor McCA fame
- Carol-Anne Showband v.2k18
+ more tbc
…and DJ sets from: 
- Tom J. Newell
- Speedball
- Amy Dutronc
- Robert E. Lee
+ more tbc.

It’s a fiver and all for a good cause, so you owe it to yourself and the community to come and have a day of it, 3pm till late. More deets here:

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