Food & Company for All


At the heart of Foodhall lies the belief that everyone should have access to food and company. Foodhall is an open community, centred around cooking and eating together. We operate on ‘put-a-bit-in’ or ‘contribute-what-you-can’ basis to ensure everything we offer is truly accessible. Through visiting Foodhall you support and extend our work, by contributing either your skills, time or making a donation.

Our Opening Times

Wednesday*, Thursday & Friday 10:00 - 15:00

We eat communally and eat lunch together at 12:30, you’re welcome to join us for tea, coffee and snacks throughout the day!

*Wednesday’s are a special day in collaboration with Open Kitchen Social Club. We serve up our regular community meal at 12:30 and provide additional support to people managing Universal Credit claims. Know someone who might benefit from this support? Please let them know.