At Foodhall we maintain that there’s no one person in charge, and that responsibility for the success of the project is the shared responsibility of everyone, paid staff members and volunteers. 

Our equal pay structure pays everyone an equal salary, regardless of what role they fulfil – this is on the basis that no one role is more or less important than another.


Louis Pohl, Development & Grants (Project Director)

Louis is a co-founder of Foodhall. With a background in architecture, Louis has experience researching the real need of communities, and launching innovative initiatives that neatly tackle some of society's biggest problems. Previous work includes designing for and helping Long Live Southbank, raising £1.1 million for community led restoration of the site. Louis is also the co-founder of the Sheffield Contemporary, a design tutor for the European Architecture Students Assembly, and recently started the Campaign for a National Food Service which aims to influence social policies at an intergovernmental level. He is also a talented illustrator and designer.


Alyce Biddle, Programmes & Grants (Project Director)

Alyce joined Foodhall as a volunteer when she first moved to Sheffield at the end of 2017. She is an experienced Project Manager and Producer, working on behalf of organisations such as the British Council, and has contributed to events such as the Social Enterprise World Forum. She has worked as a project manager for an international charity, collaborating with grassroots groups of social workers in India working to alleviate the economic and social isolation of dalit communities in the South. Alyce has spent time living and working in different countries around the world, including Mexico and India. She is also a yoga teacher and keen cook.


Isaac Tendler, Volunteer Management (Project Director)

Isaac started volunteering at Foodhall when it first opened in 2015, first finding out about the project whilst leading a student-led food waste redistribution initiative. He has been recruiting and coordinating volunteers for over 5 years across multiple organisations, a group at Foodhall which now totals over 150 people. He has a keen interest in researching societal inequality, isolation, and separation, and how food and food sharing can address them. He has guest lectured at the University of Sheffield and has presented at several academic conferences.