Patch of Grass print

Patch of Grass print


An print to accompany the Patch Of Grass exhibition by Louis Koseda, part of the Social Sculpture series 2019.

Description of artwork:
”A neo-hogarthian print from the patch of grass exhibition. A scene is depicted where two local politicians stamp on a patch of grass whilst holding a book from Friedrich Hayek, meanwhile homeless people crawl from underneath in huge numbers. In the foreground builder from Barratt homes is inhibiting an architect from helping the homeless using brute force to repeatedly punch the young man in the face. He calls him a massive idiot in public whilst holding a similar book in a tightly clenched first. The builders newest barratt home is for sale at a very high price in the background. This is not because of quality but because of his extreme punching ability. He punches so hard now he alone is allowed to build in a free market of his causing! He hopes that his violent intolerance for all things will eventually bully the more aspirational homeless into buying this highly priced house with money they do not nor could ever possibly have because of the system they have been subjected to - thereby converting them into his slaves for life. This is the perfect gift for a friend or relative for a special occasion”

The print is A4 size from a limited run, signed and numbered and can be framed by APG works for an additional cost and is printed on high quality card. It is priced for collection in person but we are happy to send it to you too. We may include a little additional charge for postage and packaging.

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