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Everyone has something to say.

The Open Journal is a monthly publication written by everyone and anyone. 

At Foodhall, we relish in the fact that there is never silence - everyone is always talking, and you will always learn something new from a day in the cafe. One day, we thought that we wanted more people to hear what our community had to say, and the Open Journal was born. 

Everyone can submit something to the journal, we accept anything that can be printed on paper, other than in exceptional circumstances.


poems. articles. photos. rants. stories. favourites. lists. reviews. anecdotes. jokes. essays. drawings. thoughts. analysis. scripts. news. praises. rants. ideas. discoveries. recipes. advice. information. song lyrics. prophecies. declarations. manifestos. debates. projects.

To submit your work to the journal, email our editor, Miriam, via

Each month, the deadline for the next issue is on the 25th day, so if you send in your work on the 25th of November, for example, it will be accepted into the December issue. Each issue of the journal is 24 pages long, and if we have too many submissions one month, they will be rolled over into the next issue. 

We accept all forms of submission that can be printed on paper, other than in very exceptional circumstances (for example, a submission that contains any kind of racism or extreme offence will not be accepted).


We suggest a donation of £25 for the year to subscribe to the journal - this is about £2.50 a month for the journal and postage and packaging right to your door! What a bargain. 

Subscribing to the journal is a massive support for us. It allows us to pay for printing the journal and increases our readership and feeling that the journal is part of our community.


We need money to pay for the printing journal. We held a fundraiser in October 2017 which allowed us to buy our own printer, and even though the cartridges should last us over a year, they will cost us about £1000 to replace when they are used up. We also need to buy paper, staples, envelopes, and stamps. 

To support us, you could do things like buy us these things - paper, envelopes, etc. Or, you could donate money to us (if you give over £25, this will include a subscription to the journal). Please email us to arrange this or you can donate via our Paypal ( and make sure to mention that you are donating to the journal specifically.