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Support our work.

There are many ways you can support Foodhall. Offer a skill share workshop in our space, give your time volunteering to cook, clean, or host in the cafe, stock our larder with lots of veggie food and storecupboard essentials (see list below), supply materials for our workshops, help the renovation and upkeep of our building, or offer either specific or general financial support.

If you think you can help please contact us directly, drop in during café hours, or donate money online, using the addresses below.

The Foodhall Shopping List:
 big bin bags
  chopped tomatoes
    salt and pepper
     plant milk
        toilet roll (super helpful!)

Donation Addresses:
Bitcoin: 1KgWAP6MjKixLvpCtkAZePNrboG14f5oG9.
Ethereum: 0x29B577FA77DA1387d70e3c6F13915F40C3624f7E.