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Food for all.

Fresh food, hot coffee, good company

At the heart of Foodhall lies the belief that everyone should have access to food and company. The Foodhall is an open community centred around the making and distribution of food. We operate on a Put a bit in and pay-as-you-feel donation basis to ensure everything we offer is truly accessible. Through visiting our Foodhall you support and extend our work, by contributing either your skills, time or making a donation.

Our space is open 10.00-15.00 every Thursday and Friday. Staffed by volunteers. We take donations of would-be-waste food from local traders to cook hot, fresh meals each day. We also serve barista-style coffee and hot drinks. We serve over 500 meals a month. 

The Foodhall does not just provide food, drink, and company to its visitors - we also give our visitors the opportunity to be involved with the running of the project itself. Run in an openly co-operative way the community are always invited to come and cook for others in their city, From barista training to cooking meals, we allow opportunities for everyone to develop skills and contribute to the running of the public Foodhall.